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About “Resetting the Stage”. Why do we need public theatre?

Together with local authorities and theatre people, we would like to discuss the role of public theatre in today’s society. What are its duties and where does its autonomy end? How can we combine the desire to reach the widest audiences with the need to have space for artistic experimentation? In Dragan Klaić’s book “Resetting the Stage”, public theatre is hailed as an important tool for shaping thoughtful and informed societies. At the same time, the author mercilessly points out all the past and present mistakes of theatre institutions, especially in the countries of the former Eastern Bloc. Together with the participants of the discussion, we will try to test out Klaic’s suggestions in contemporary public theatres in Poland. Which tasks should be handled by theatres and how should local authorities contribute? How can cooperation between the two parties be beneficial to the development of the institutions?

Debate in Polish