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Child’s Pose

Romanian Cinema

Moving and honest film exploring the complexity of human relations, it focuses especially on the relationship between a mother and a son. The film won the Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival defeating the outstanding “Harmony Lessons”, a feature debut by the thirty-year old Kazakhstan filmmaker Emir Baigazin.

The female protagonist is a typical overprotective and possessive mother whose grown-up son wants to start living his own life. He does not tolerate mom’s interference with his private life, not to mention his intimate relationships. However, Cornelia finds another occasion to regain control over her son’s life when Burbo kills a child in a car accident. She goes beyond her limits to save the future of her son, whereas he passively allows himself to be subjected to the course of events beyond his control. While she calls up every influential friend she can think of, he is visiting witnesses of the accident and the family of the dead boy.

The shaky camera effect corresponds with the unstable situation and the tension visible in the relations between the protagonists. The most challenging scene of the film is the one in which Cornelia meets the family of the dead child with the hope to convince them not to press charges. When she is left alone with the mourning mother, she tells her about Burbo’s childhood creating a fake impression that her son has also passed away. They establish a special bond of two mothers who have lost their sons, because even though Burbo is alive, he will never be a loving, grateful and well-behaved child again.

One might think that “Child’s Pose” is a film about a tyranny of a possessive mother, but the final conclusion catches us by surprise. It is the mother who suffers, because she realises that the apple of her eye is pushing her away, while all she wants is for him to be her sweet child who loves her unconditionally.

A screening of a short film “The Finnish Cow”, directed by Gheorghe Preda will accompany the main film

Child’s Pose, dir. Calin Peter Netzer

drama / Romania / 2013 / 116 min

cast: Luminiţa Gheorghiu, Bogdan Dumitrache, Nataşa Raab, Florin Zamfirescu, Ilinca Goia