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Everybody in Our Family

Romanian Cinema

A moving story showing the dark consequences of raising a child by divorced parents. Marius, a thirty-year-old father of his beloved Sofi, divorces his wife after realising their marriage has burnt out. One day, when he is on his way to pick up his five-year-old child, he encounters some problems, which push this usually calm and composed man to his limits and set off a series of dramatic events. The language of “Everybody in Our Family” really “speaks.” Built mostly on words, filled with characteristic jokes and puns, the film balances on the thin line between laughter and tears. What seems like a tragic event can quickly be transformed into a comic or absurd situation. Love turns into hatred. Parents who used to share everything begin their fight for custody with no hope of reaching an agreement.

The picture won numerous awards on prestigious festivals: 18. Sarajevo Film Festival – best feature film, Odessa International Film Festival – international competition, 20. Art Film International Festival in Slovakia (Trenčianske Teplice/Trencin) – international competition: Blue Angel for the director (Radu Jude), it was described by critics as “authentic depiction of a family crisis, progressing from tragedy through comedy all the way to the point of absurdity, dealing with a topic of both local and international relevance”, Blue Angel for best actor (Șerban Pavlu), 11. Transylvania International Film Festival in Romania – best film of the section, 62. Berlin International Film Festival, Forum section, 18. Art and Film Festival “Summer of Films” in Warsaw, 8. Bucharest International Film Festival – Public’s Prize, best director, IndieLisboa International Festival of Independent Cinema (Portugal) – competition, BAFICI International Festival of Independent Cinema in Buenos Aires, section: Family Album 

a screening of a short film “Breakdown”, directed by Gheorghe Preda will accompany the main film

Everybody in Our Family, dir. Radu Jude

drama / the Netherlands, Romania / 2012 / 107 min

cast: Șerban Pavlu, Sofia Nicolaescu, Mihaela Sîrbu, Gabriel Spahiu, Tamara Buciuceanu-Botez, Stela Popescu, Alexandru Arșinel