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Festival’s new project – “Confrontator” meetings

“Confrontator” is a new project by Theatre Confrontations. Starting from March, every month we will invite our audience to meetings devoted to the new announcements from the programme of the upcoming edition of the Festival, as well as the most significant debates going on in the theatre circles in Poland and abroad.

The first meeting of the series – Theatre and Maidan – will take place on March 12th, at 7.30 pm in Black Hall of the Centre for Culture in Lublin.

The guests of the debate will be: Maria Jasińska (Kiev/Cracow) – researcher in the field of theatre, initiator of numerous theater collaborations between Poland and Ukraine, curator of the Polish programme at GogolFest; Nadia Sokolenko (Kiev) – editor-in-chief of the “Ukrainian Theatre magazine”, co-founder of an independent organization Theatre Platform; Pavlo Arje (Kiev/Berlin) – playwright and curator; Victoria Schvydko (Lviv) – director of the International Festival of Contemporary Drama DRAMA.UA,  Ollia Muchina (Lviv) – project coordinator of the festival DRAMA.UA. The debate will be hosted by Joanna Wichowska – project coordinator at EEPAP, collaborator of dwutygodnik.com.

Organizers: East European Performing Arts Platform and Theatre Confrontations

The events of recent months in Ukraine posed new challenges for the Ukrainian society. Also, before the people of the theater. How does the Ukrainian theater environment react to the mass protests? How does it imagine the role of art in an emergency situation and the struggle for basic civil rights? Will the energy of Maidan be transfered onto theatre scenes, or will it be able  to get there in the future?