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Inspired by the traditional and social media commentaries related to the current situation in Eastern Ukraine, “Novorossi” is a new text by Pavel Yurov. Yurov, one of the most talented young Ukrainian theatre directors, was imprisoned for many weeks by the separatists in Slovyansk. The presentation in Lublin will take place during Pavel Yurov’s residency as a part of the EEPAP project. Lublin viewers will take part in the preview of the text that later on will be presented in Warsaw and Frankfurt am Main. The reading of the text will be prepared by the actors from Lublin theatres and will be supervised by Yurov during the EEPAP residency programme and the Theatre Confrontations Festival.

Cast: Anna Dudziak, Gabriela Jaskuła, Jacek Dragun, Jan Tuźnik, Michał Zgiet

Pavel Yurov, theatre director, curator and actor based in Kiev, Ukraine. He studied theatre directing at the Kiev National Karpenko-Karyi University of Theatre, Film and TV. A winner of the prestigious “Kievsky Pektoral Award 2011” – for the best directorial debut, i.e., for his performance “Depot Nothern” (Депо Северное), based on the play “Phantom Pains” by Vassily Sigarev, staged by the Suzirya Theatre in Kiev. He is a founder of the “DramPortal” – a project promoting new world drama. Within the framework of “DramPortal”, he presented numerous works by Russian playwrights, including Presniakov brothers, Alexandr Molchanov, Nina Bielenicka, Ukrainian playwrights Anna Yablonska and Maxim Kurochkin, Belarussian writer Pavel Priazhko, as well as Martin McDonagh (IR) and Pawel Demirski (PL). Yurov translated Mark Ravenhill’s play “Pool. No water” into Russian and directed the stage reading of this play with renowned Ukrainian theatre ad TV actor Vitalij Linnickij.

Yurov’s stage readings are presented at several non-theatrical venues and art galleries, such as the Pinchuk Art Centre in Kiev, and at festivals. He is frequently present at the Lviv International Festival of New Drama Drama.UA. He was artist-in-residence at the Drabyna Art Workshop (reading of the play “Zizn vdalasja” by Priazhko) and at the 2013 Drama.UA Festival in Lviv – during this residency, organised by the East European Performing Art Platform/EEPAP and Drama.UA, he realised a performative reading of “Rainbow Stand 2012” by the Polish playwright Pawel Demirski. His recent work “In Re +” was presented at the Small Gallery of Art Arsenal in Kiev – it was a reading of a documentary play based on a press article by Sergey Rachmanin and other topical texts, posts and commentaries disseminated by social media.