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Over the course of one day artists from around the world will meet in the glory of the Romanian Dance History X. Give up hope, leave all your values behind and write history: Romanian Dance History X

Romanian Dance History X is a place in the 2nd world.
Romanian Dance History X invites itself.
Romanian Dance History X is not theory fetishism.
Romanian Dance History X challenges everyone to go on stage and say: “I am Romanian Dance History.”
Manuel Pelmus

“Romanian Dance History” began in 2010. Initiated by Manuel Pelmus, this artistic project is inspired by the life and work of Romanian choreographer and philosopher Stere Popescu.

Everyone wants to have their own history, whereas most of the art history glossaries, books or essays are written from the perspective of the West. Therefore, the prospect of reconstructing the local context and local histories may seem really tempting… But what can we reconstruct? What should form the basis of our reconstruction? What criteria should we base our reconstruction on? From the perspective of Western Europe, contemporary dance in Central and Eastern Europe has been fully developing only since 1989. Is it true? From what perspective was such history written? Manuel Pelmus and his collaborators achieve the impossible: they reconstruct history, which does not officially exist and explore how this history was constructed. One of the best Romanian performative projects in the world, created by the artists collaborating on the renowned Romanian pavilion at the Venice Biennial in 2013.

ROMANIAN DANCE HISTORY X – Romanian Dance History (RO)