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Tuesday, After Christmas

Romanian Cinema

An intimate and painful study of a marriage breakdown. Paul and Adriana have been together for 10 years. They have been sharing their boring middle-class life raising a daughter until Paul got involved with another woman. An exemplary father and husband perceives it as the last chance to revive his passion and reclaim his lost youth. Each and every lie he tells intensifies his moral dilemma. He loves both of his women and cannot find the courage to tell his wife about the new love he has found and wants to keep forever. It is not a film about guilt and looking for someone to blame; it is a film about the demanding art of making the right choice. The main protagonist makes a decision and, consequently, has to take responsibility for it. This decision will change his life forever.

This disturbingly realistic story of love and betrayal, which gradually changes into a thriller, is one of the best films in the last decade of the Romanian cinematography. In every scene Radu Muntean engages the viewers in the plot creating a very emotional and intense atmosphere, the accidental encounter of the three protagonists at the dentist’s being only one of the many examples.

The appreciation of the critics nominating “Tuesday, After Christmas”, among others, for an award for best screenplay only confirms that it is a picture not to be overlooked.

A screening of a short film “A Trip to the City”, directed by Corneliu Porumboiu will accompany the main film


Tuesday, After Christmas, dir. Radu Muntean

drama / Romania / 2010 / 99 min

cast: Mimi Brănescu, Dragoş Bucur, Dana Dembinski Medeleanu, Mirela Oprişor, Sasa Paul-Szel, Maria Popistasu, Victor Rebengiuc